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Since 1996, we have supported many industries and verticals with our innovative products and solutions. We provide our customers the technical assistance in service, engineering and installation of all our water treatment systems and filtration systems.

Semi Conductor

Semi-conductor plants use ultra pure water as a cleaning agent when the foundation of the integrated circuit is created, chemical dilution and optics of immersion photolithography. Besides, as make-up to cooling fluid in some critical applications and even sometimes used as humidification source for the clean room environment.

Power Generation

Power industries require ultra pure water as source of steam to drive steam turbines.

Food & Beverage

RO is extensively used in the dairy and wine industry. For the production of whey protein powder, the whey (liquid remaining after cheese manufacture) is concentrated with RO from 6% total solids to 10-20% total solids before ultrafiltration processing. The ultrafiltration retentate can then be used to make various whey powders including whey protein isolate.

Paper Pulp Mill

Membrane filtration is a potential method to remove color, COD, salts, heavy metals and total dissolved solids from pulps and paper mills. Research showed that 88% and 89% removed of BOD and COD, respectively was achieved by Reverse Osmosis (RO).




Purified water is suitable for many applications including laboratory testing and lab experiment used. Purification removes contaminants which may interfere with processes or leave residues upon chemical reaction or evaporation.



Solar Photovoltaics

Ultra pure water does not contain any chemical which will not damage or continually damage to the crystalline photovoltaics or photovoltaics panel. It is also just as affective as using a cleaning agent while costing less.



Palm oil refinery

Palm oil refinery plant require pure water for their processes, steam turbine and laboratory.




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